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About Robin Irwin Physical Therapy Services

Robin Irwin Physical Therapy is a private rehabilitation clinic dedicated to providing therapy services to children. Our company provides physical, occupational and speech therapy through (SPEECHCARE) in a child friendly setting. We have been in business since 1987 in Decatur, Alabama. Our staff is made up of dedicated therapists who have chosen to study and develop the skills required to treat children. Our therapists have expertise in meeting the unique needs of children who have suffered injuries, illnesses, and impairments that might interfere with motor and cognitive development.

Our company provides outpatient, early intervention (ages 0-3 years), school based, and home health services. We accept all forms of insurance, Alabama Medicaid and private pay. We work with local and state agencies to fund services needed by our children and their families. Our scheduling is flexible to assist families in meeting their child’s needs. We strive to provide services with the least amount of loss time from school and work.
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